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4 Reasons You Should Use a Local Pharmacy

There are many times in your life you’re just a number. That may be okay when you’re standing in line at the supermarket… but you want more when you go to the doctor, dentist, or to pick up prescriptions. Choosing a local pharmacy rather than a big chain store can provide the caring attention you need.

Your Local Pharmacy Offers a More Personalized Service

Stop being another number. Spend your money and time at a business that knows your name and cares about your health. A big chain pharmacy can offer lots of reminders through texts and automated calls. The independent company contacts you personally when there’s a problem and helps you resolve it. Additionally, as they get to know your face and situation, they can save you time. For example, they know you’re running in for a prescription quickly on your lunch. The technician that knows your name and face will have the prescription waiting for you at the counter.

Another benefit is with chronic illness. If you or a loved one has health conditions that require regular medical monitoring, it’s vital to develop a good relationship with your pharmacist and doctor. Local pharmacies often work closely with area physicians, making it easier for them to communicate when an issue arises. This can also be beneficial when you run out of vital medicines, such as allergy or anxiety meds. The pharmacist can contact your doctor for fast authorization of a few doses until you get to see them for an appointment. Many national locations have strict guidelines that prevent this personal contact or make it more difficult for the pharmacist to help the patient.

Pay the Same Prices as a Chain Pharmacy for Most Prescriptions

You may believe that you’re saving money on medications by using national retail locations. But your local pharmacist follows the same prescription prices as the big chains while still offering personalized service. They might also help you save money with some drug prices or work to find alternatives that your insurance will cover.

Easier to Speak to a Pharmacist

When you pick an independent pharmacy, you get all-around better service. Do you need a pharmacist consultation? Choosing your hometown location can make you feel more comfortable. He or she doesn’t see hundreds of faceless patients weekly. They can take the time to get to know you and your needs. This helps you develop a relationship with the pharmacist and the store’s other employees, which can be beneficial. For example, you pick up an over-the-counter cold medicine and your refill at the same time. The technician that knows all your prescriptions can quickly point out interactions that another pharmacy might miss.

Help Your Community by Skipping the Chain Pharmacy

Small, independent pharmacies need your business to stay in the community and to continue offering personalized service. Your local pharmacy supports your community’s economy. When you shop regionally, you help your town’s finances and the people in the community.

Put your care, and your family’s in the hands of your local pharmacy. Skip the 800 numbers, unfamiliar faces, and bureaucracy, and choose an independent pharmacy to handle your prescriptions and medical product needs. Not only is this choice great for your personal health, but it’s also excellent for your community’s economic health. Stop into your local Goodwill Pharmacy today at 6725 S. Eastern Ave. Ste 7 in Las Vegas today to fill a prescription or speak to our pharmacist. You can also call us at 702-940-7580. Free doorstep delivery is available.

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