• Glucose Screening In Las Vegas

      Glucose Screening In Las Vegas

      A new diabetes diagnosis can be scary, and using a blood glucose monitor can be intimidating. You’re not alone—let us help. Contact us if you have questions about diabetes or using a new screening device.

    • Veterinary Pharmacy In Las Vegas

      Veterinary Pharmacy In Las Vegas

      We know your pets are members of the family. We may have access to pet meds at lower costs than your veterinarian can provide. Bring your vet-written prescription to us. We deliver pet medications as well.

    • Free Medication Delivery in Las Vegas

      Free Medication Delivery in Las Vegas

      Once we fill your medications and you sign up for auto-refill, we take care of your needs. We specifically order and keep your medications in stock so you don’t have lapses in care.

    • Blood Pressure Screening In Las Vegas

      Blood Pressure Screening In Las Vegas

      Blood pressure is the pressure your blood places on the walls of your veins, arteries, capillaries, and heart. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a condition where this pressure is increasing. Another blood pressure condition is low blood pressure.

    • Refill Services In Las Vegas

      Refill Services In Las Vegas

      We offer automatic refills every month. Take the pharmacy trip off your “to-do” list. With automatic refills, you won’t have to worry about a missed dose or going out of your way for refills.

    • Prescriptions Transfer in Las Vegas

      Prescriptions Transfer in Las Vegas

      If you have filled a medication elsewhere and have refills remaining, we can transfer the remaining refills and deliver them if needed. Simply give us a call with the information, and we’ll take it from there.

    • Medication Screening

      Medication Screening

      With your complete medication profile, we can check for drug interactions, duplicate drugs, and drugs with allergy concerns. We make sure you get the safest, healthiest pharmaceutical care.

    • Free Delivery

      Free Delivery

      We offer free medication delivery as a courtesy to our customers. Free up time, skip the trip, and allow us to deliver what you need right to you.

    • Safe Drug Disposal

      Safe Drug Disposal

      Incorrect medication disposal (in the trash, toilet, etc.) can be dangerous. Please allow us to help. If you need your medications properly disposed of, simply drop off your unused prescriptions.

    • Vitamins & Supplements

      Vitamins & Supplements

      Need a specific vitamin or supplement to support your health? We can order what you need upon request.

    • Privacy Protection

      Privacy Protection

      We follow all guidelines to protect your privacy and personal information. Your information will never be sold, given out, or released without a written request by you.

    • Smoking Cessation Information

      Smoking Cessation Information

      Ready to kick the habit and stop smoking? Let us help with the cravings and show you options available to help you make this valuable change for your health.

    • Foreign Language Translator Available

      Foreign Language Translator Available

      Many of our customers speak languages other than English. We make sure you get the care you need regardless of the language you speak. We provide a translator service as needed.

    • One-on-One   Consultations

      One-on-One Consultations

      Your concerns matter to us. When you need professional advice about medication, side effects, or anything else, we give you personalized consultations with the pharmacist.

    • Insurance Verification

      Insurance Verification

      Allow us to handle insurance verification for medications. Simply give us a call us to get started. We take your information and verify your insurance coverage for the medications you need.

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